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Providing Little Elm lawn care has been our specialty for twenty-five years. Our goal is to serve our customers – people that take pride in their lawn and lawn care service provider. We may ask you if you have been dissatisfied with former lawn care services? Then we will probably say, tell us what they did wrong and we will strive to get it right!

A beautiful lawn showcases your home. However, Little Elm lawn maintenance and lawn mowing can be quite a chore for the busy homeowner. We offer a Little Elm, TX based full lawn service. Our lawn care package includes mowing, trimming, and edging. Our lawn care and lawn maintenance services can include clean-up, mulching and fertilization, shrub trimming, flower bed weeding and any other tasks necessary to keep your yard looking its best. In the town of Little Elm, a top notch lawn care program should begin with a lawn fertilization treatment and continue with a weekly lawn mowing service. Mowing in Little Elm is normally a weekly task. In the winter we usually recommend performing lawn service as needed. Our lawn care crews are provided and use 21 inch commercial grade Toro lawn mowers. In addition to the lawn mowing services we provide in Little Elm, we can perform lawn treatments, lawn evaluations, shrub trimming, and bed weeding if you wish, all as a part of our routine lawn service. Included in our basic lawn mowing package, we edge, weed-eat around trees and fences, and clean up stray clippings. This way we can confidently leave a tidy, beautiful lawn for you to enjoy.

Lawn mowing in Little Elm is best done on a weekly basis during the warmer months of the year. Mowing on a biweekly basis during these months can damage the health of the lawn; our Little Elm lawn service will only perform biweekly lawn mowing during warm weather on request, and do not guarantee the results of biweekly lawn mowing by our lawn service team. We offer bi-weekly mowing services however, we encourage a weekly mowing service to keep your lawn well-manicured and healthy.

Instead of removing the grass clippings during lawn mowing services, we mulch them and release them back into the lawn while performing routine the routine service. Our mulching lawn mowers cut the clippings into tiny pieces and return them to the lawn. This mulching while mowing method improves the health of the lawn because the cut clippings rapidly decompose and naturally fertilize the lawn, as well as help reduce water needs of the lawn. If requested, we can collect and bag the clippings while performing a lawn mowing service, but we generally do not recommend this approach in a healthy lawn. Our expert lawn maintenance teams in Little Elm are familiar with the common types of grass used in lawns in this area. For Bermuda and Zoysia lawns, we recommend including a lawn scalping in your lawn service. A lawn scalping removes the straw-colored blades and promotes rapid green-up in the spring. It also helps reduce weed problems over the summer.

Little Elm lawn care should include meticulous attention to more than just the lawn. Our lawn service can include trimming Crape Myrtle trees, too. These beautiful trees grow best if trimmed heavily and regularly. Our lawn maintenance package can include expert trimming to ensure your trees look and live their best. We also offer removing leaves in the fall. Excess leaves will damage your lawn and can provide a breeding ground for mosquitoes. As a part of our leaf removal service, we collect the leaves in biodegradable bags and leave them for city pickup. Our Little Elm TX lawn maintenance also offers services to weed and feed the lawn, providing your lawn with the nutrients and preventative weed control. Lawns benefit from annual or bi-annual lawn aeration implemented with 5-6 lawn care treatment applications consisting of fertilization and weed control. The best way to control weeds is to grow a thick, healthy lawn, but occasionally weed-control products are necessary to assist in this process. We offer the choice of regular or organic feed and weed programs as an option for our Little Elm lawn care clients.

Fire ant control and prevention is a popular service in Little Elm, as fire ants persistently build colonies after rain during the heat of the summer. We suggest a yearly preventative treatment because fire ants can be very dangerous to pets, children and even adults. If you think you have a fire ant mound emerging, give us a call for immediate help.

The flower beds and shrubs in and around the lawn need regular attention, too. We offer flat-rate shrub trimming services as part of our Little Elm lawn maintenance work. We can trim on a monthly, bi-monthly or even a one-time basis for existing lawn mowing clients. Many ornamental plants only need to be trimmed once a year at a specific time of year, so we also offer special seasonal trimming services. We also offer mulching services, either with your mulch or with mulch that we provide to your specifications. Flower beds should be maintained with 2 to 3 inches of mulch to retain moisture and prevent weed growth. Our crews are tenured and well trained, and all of our crew leaders have at least 5 years of experience. We constantly receive compliments from our customers regarding our Little Elm TX lawn service team! Our office staff makes everything easy, from sign up to follow-up. We always follow through!

Our lawn services include, but are not limited to, lawn mowing, landscape maintenance, shrub trimming, bed weeding, fertilization and weed control services. Whether you call it lawn care or lawn service, we offer a full service lawn maintenance program. We strive to provide the best Little Elm TX lawn care has to offer!

Little Elm TX Lawn Care Services

Lawn Mowing Service
Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control
Flower Bed Weeding
Bush Trimming Service
Tree & Shrub Fertilization
Fire Ant Control
Mulch Installation
Leaf Removal
Spring / Fall Cleanup

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  • Setting up service is quick and easy
  • Our billing system is very convenient
  • Your questions and concerns are addressed in a timely and courteous manner

Our Little Elm lawn care and lawn services are reasonably priced and customizable to fit your needs. We state our rates up front so there will be no surprises when you get your monthly bill. Our crews are experts in landscape maintenance and lawn care methods. Rest assured, we know you will always be happy with their expert services.

Feel free to inquire about our lawn care service and service details by calling 972-424-5726. You can also ask questions estimate by writing us at [email protected]. No questions? No problem! If you’re convinced, we’re convinced, so what are you waiting for? Fill out the instant quote form on the top menu for on-demand, instant pricing!

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