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Frisco lawn care can be grueling work, but our lawn service team has the motivation and experience to keep your lawn in tip-top shape. As a Frisco resident, you know how hot Frisco, TX summers can be. We have said it before and will say it again. Lawn mowing in the Texas summer heat is not a task for the faint hearted. Plus, we know your precious time is of the essence. Finding a reputable, affordable Frisco lawn care service shouldn’t be a time consuming task that requires several phone calls to many companies. Whether you are comparing prices or simply wanting a quick quote, try our instant quote featured at the top right corner of this page.

Lacking a green thumb? Just too busy? As opposed to spending countless amount of hours maintaining your lawn, hire Thompson Landscape to tend all your lawn care needs – you won’t be disappointed. For a competitive rate you can have professionals taking care of it all. You will not have to buy the lawn equipment, maintain it, or struggle in the summer heat while mowing your lawn or picking weeds from your flowerbeds. In the simplest of terms, we can do it all for you! Performing your own lawn care doesn’t only cost money, it costs precious time that could be spent doing something you love!

Lawn care in Frisco doesn’t have to be your sole responsibility. Allow us to provide lawn care in Frisco for your home. We have great rates for Frisco lawn care services and you can fill out the form today for an instant quote. Thompson Landscape’s Frisco lawn care professionals have the experience and expertise to remove the hassle of maintaining your Frisco lawn. Let our Frisco lawn care service give you back the one thing you long for – your time.

We offer professional lawn care and landscape maintenance throughout Frisco. We have more than 25 years of experience with Frisco lawn care services, so join our team and start enjoying the peace of mind knowing that your lawn is always going to look its best. Our Frisco lawn care professionals will come out to your home on a regular basis to take care of all of your landscaping needs.

At Thompson Landscape, we take pride in what we do, and we want to provide you with services that give you the best value for your money. We also have a variety of special offers that you can look forward to throughout the year, including a free mow and a refer-a-friend discount.

We know your lawn is important to you and that’s exactly why you should choose Thompson Landscape. Just imagine coming home to a pristine, manicured cut lawn, all without having to break a sweat. We are passionate about providing Frisco lawn care and we love our customers. It is not a surprise that our customers love our lawn mowing and lawn care service! Customized lawn care services in Frisco are available. We know everyone’s yard is different. You may need some extra help getting your yard looking the way it should. Once we have your lawn the way you want it, we can then maintain it all year long. With our fertilization, the grass will always look green and our fire ant control service ensures you won’t have to deal with mounds of fire ants. This will make it easier for you and the whole family to play outdoors without having to worry about being eaten alive by those awful fire ants.

With so many lawn services available in Frisco, how do you choose the right one?  Let us help you decide. A guarantee is only as good as the company.  Our company is rock solid. We love our customers and it shows.  Most of our business comes from a strong referral source from our highly satisfied customers.  Our customers are not just numbers to us. Each one of our Frisco lawn care customers is a precious jewel we never take for granted and we always nurture them like a rare orchid.

Our staff has the hearts of a servant, striving to make life easier for you. Be the envy of your neighbors and take back your time, your life, and your weekends! We are committed to lawn care excellence. Don’t trust just any Frisco lawn care service. We have over 27 years of experience, with a friendly, knowledgeable, and English speaking office staff. Our team is standing by to serve you!

If there is ever a time you are unhappy with a service, we will send a crew to correct what displeases you. We care about your satisfaction. We want you to love the lawn mowing and lawn care service we provide. Lastly, we will never confine you to the restraints. We go above and beyond what the average landscaping company offers. Not only do we handle the lawn mowing, but we also do the line trimming, edging, and overall clean up. Curb appeal is important and you don’t have to be the one to do all of the hard work. It is simple. We simply want your business because you enjoy our lawn care service, not because your hands are tied.

We are professionals, not sales people. Any time you contact us at Thompson Landscape, you’ll speak to someone who has years of experience in lawn care and our staff is educated and articulate and are very knowledgeable and professional. We are happy to help with your lawn care needs and we offer the best customer service in the Metroplex. We are here for you! Give us a call to sign up for our Frisco, TX lawn mowing, shrub trimming, fertilization and weed control services today! Or just sign up online. You’re only a few clicks away!

Lawn Care Frisco TX – Our Range Of Services

We offer the following lawn care services:

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Request a free, no obligation estimate from Thompson Landscape today at 972-424-5726 or send us an e-mail at [email protected]. At Thompson Landscape, we know what it takes to achieve an immaculate lawn. We will work hard to earn your trust and maintain your lawn and ensure it is in tip-top shape all year-round. We will not only bring out the best in your lawn, we will bring out the best in you.

No more lawn care fatigue.  No more sneezing, wheezing, and drudgery.  Trust Thompson Landscape for all your Frisco lawn care needs. There’s no obligation to find out more about our Frisco lawn care services, so go ahead and request a quote or call us to ask some questions. We look forward to helping you with lawn care Frisco, TX and we’re confident that Thompson Landscape can handle everything that goes on in your yard!


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