Shrub Trimming & Bed Weeding

We have specialized shrub crews that all have several years of experience. We offer one-time, monthly, and bi-monthly shrub trimming and bed weeding services. We provide a flat rate rather than charging an unpredictable, expensive hourly rate like most other lawn companies.  Our pricing starts at $35.00. We supply personalized estimates for this service that are determined by the size of the beds, number of beds and shrubs, and which specific services are requested.  We do not recommend pruning more than 15-20% of a shrub’s growth at one time.

Mulch Installation

We recommend adding a mulch layer 2 – 3 inches deep to your flower beds. Adding mulch inhibits weed germination and growth, increases soil moisture, and helps moderates soil temperature fluctuations. We offer mulch installation service as needed, and we charge by the bag. We can either purchase and install mulch or solely install mulch that you have already bought. Our mulch options include hardwood mulch, cypress mulch, red mulch, and black mulch. If you do not know how many bags of mulch you need installed, then we will provide you with a free estimate based on the square footage of the areas where you would like to add mulch.

Seasonal Trimming Services

Certain shrubs and ornamental grasses should only be trimmed at one or two specific times of the year. They are not included in our general shrub trimming service, but we do offer them separately on an as needed basis.  This includes:

• Crape myrtles: should only be trimmed in the late winter or early spring before they start budding
• Rose bushes: should only be trimmed in the spring
• Yucca plants: should be pruned only in the early spring, if desired
• Ornamental grasses: most of these should be trimmed back only in the winter
• Groundcover: should be trimmed back in the winter