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Our Lawn Care Services

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Lawn Care Services Offered at Thompson Landscape

Lawn Mowing

Weekly and Bi-Weekly Mowing Services

Lawn Mowing Service
We start all of our customers lawn mowing services on a bi-weekly mowing schedule in March, switch to a weekly rotation from April through October, and return all of our customers lawn mowing services to a bi-weekly basis from the beginning of November. We do not schedule recurr

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Shrub Trimming and Bed Weeding Services

Shrub Trimming & Bed Weeding
We have specialized shrub crews that all have several years of experience. We offer one-time, monthly, and bi-monthly shrub trimming and bed weeding services. We provide a flat rate rather than charging an unpredictable, expensive hourly rate like most other lawn co

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Shrubs & Beds
Crape Myrtle Trimming

Crape Myrtle Trimming

Crape Myrtle Trimming
Crape myrtles trees are one the most sought ornamental tree’s in Texas. This is no surprise, as few ornamental plants can challenge crape myrtles for vibrant summer color. The tree’s beautiful summer flowers and showy fall colors make them a great asset to any lawn or garden.

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Leaf Removal

Leaf Clean-Up Service
We remove fallen leaves from your lawn, beds, sidewalks, patios, driveway and street. We place all clippings in bio-degradable bags for City pick up. Decomposing leaves are a different story.

If you are unsure of your lawns state, please give our office a call.
Excess leav

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Leaf  Removal


Fertilization and Weed Control Services
Enhance your lawn’s health with proper nutrition and weed control

Your property’s curb appeal says a lot about you. Don’t let unsightly weeds and patches of thinning or brown grass detract from your image. Give your turf exactly what it needs to be h

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Fire Ant Control

Fire Ant Control Service
Finding a huge fire ant mound on your property is a scary and problematic issue that needs attention quickly. Our fire ant control treatments applied by a licensed expert are the key solution. It is absolutely imperative to protect your household, including pets, as fire an

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Fire Ant Control

We have been in business for over 25 years and specialize in residential lawn mowing on either a weekly or bi-weekly basis, shrub trimming and bed weeding, and lawn fertilization and weed control.

Our Weekly and Bi-Weekly Lawn Care Mowing Services

We offer weekly and bi-weekly residential lawn mowing services in all of our service areas. The lawn mowing service within our lawn care service include:

• mowing with 21″ commercial mulching mowers

• edging of all sidewalks, curbs, driveway and alley with a steel-blade commercial edger

• commercial grade trimming around beds, fences and trees (we recommend using tree guards to protect your trees)

• cleaning off all concrete areas with commercial grade air blowers

Our Shrub Trimming and Bed Weeding Lawn Care Service

Our shrub and bed crews provide service on a monthly or every two months basis. The service price is determined by a visual inspection of your property, rather than an expensive hourly rate lacking any predetermined cost guarantee. The estimate will include trimming and shaping of shrubs, hedges, and weeding all beds. Please note that rose bushes, ground cover, ivy, vines, yucca plants, crape myrtles, and ornamental grasses need to be specifically requested to be included in the price quote. All trimmed clippings are placed in bio-degradable bags or bundle debris appropriately for city pick up. We also provide this service on a one time or as needed basis to our weekly and bi-weekly lawn care customers however, a new estimate will be provided for each one-time service requested.

At this time, we provide the services listed below to our regular weekly or bi-weekly lawn mowing customers. Due to the costs of setting up and billing new customers, we only provide one time services for new clients who commit to ongoing lawn maintenance or shrub and bed maintenance.

Our Spring Scalping Lawn Care Service

The spring scalping is the initial service of the year, performed before spring growth occurs. It is a lawn mowing set at the lowest setting, while bagging and collecting the dormant layer of grasses.. This service will remove the dormant layer of winter grass growth, as well as thatch build up, promoting healthy and vibrant spring growth.

Our Crape Myrtle Trimming Lawn Care Service

Crape myrtles are trimmed and shaped to promote proper growth.  This service should be performed between January and March for best results. We place all trimmed clippings in bio-degradable bags or bundle debris appropriate for city pick up.

Our Leaf Removal Lawn Care Service

Leaves are removed from your lawn, beds, sidewalks, patios, driveway and street.  We do not haul off the leaves. We place all clippings in bio-degradable bags for City pick up.

Our Mulch Installation Lawn Care Service

Adding mulch to your landscaping can help retain valuable moisture during these Texas droughts, as well as help prevent weeds from coming back and adding to the overall beauty of your landscaped areas.

Our Lawn Care Service Fertilization Program

EARLY SPRING – A pre-emergent to control crabgrass and other spring annual weeds, and a post-emergent for broad leaf weeds that may be up at that time, along with a shrub and flower bed pre-emergent.

SPRING – A second pre-emergent to control fox-tails and other summer annual weeds, along with a well balanced, sulfur coated fertilizer for quick green-up.  Spot treatment of a post-emergent for broad-leaf weeds.  Also, a pre-emergent in the shrub and flower beds.

EARLY SUMMER- Sulfur coated, high nitrogen fertilizer application to promote stem and leaf growth, and spot treatment of a post-emergent to eliminate broad leaf and grassy weeds.  A post-emergent for weeds in the shrub and flower beds.

SUMMER – A balanced, slow release fertilizer to continue healthy growth through the hot season.  Spot treatment of a post-emergent for control of both broad-leaf and grassy weeds.  A post-emergent for weeds in the shrub and flower beds.

FALL – A specially formulated fertilizer to strengthen and deepen the root system for those cold winter months.  Included is a per-emergent to control winter weeds and grasses, along with a shrub and flower bed per-emergent.

* For maximum efficiency each of the applications are timed and formulated to coincide with the current weather conditions and the specific situations of your lawn.

* Satisfaction guarantee – If you are not satisfied with a lawn application, we will re-apply it at no charge and continue with the regular program.  Simply notify our office within 30 days of the application.  Shrub and flower bed treatments are not included in this guarantee.

Our Tree & Shrub Fertilization Program

Treatments consist of complete ornamental fertilizer spraying applied in four applications. The applications provide important nutrients needed for early spring growth, rich full color, increased disease and insect resistance, and increased hard winter survival.

Our Fire Ant Control Lawn Care Service

Guaranteed fire ant control for one year

Our Core Aeration Lawn Care Service

We recommend this service to be performed in the late spring or early summer and. It reduces thatch and soil compaction resulting in improved water intake, higher stress tolerance, and improved performance from fertilization.