Leaf Clean-Up Service

We remove fallen leaves from your lawn, beds, sidewalks, patios, driveway and street. We place all clippings in bio-degradable bags for City pick up. Decomposing leaves are a different story.

If you are unsure of your lawns state, please give our office a call.

Excess leaves can ruin your lawn by killing healthy grass

Excess leaves can block sunlight and reduce the evaporation of water. This can cause an array of fungus, mold and lawn disease. Like most things, a healthy lawn can take a hit, turn for the worst, and bounce back. However, an already unhealthy or stressed lawn can be sent to the point of no return with leaves being allowed to sit for a period of time.


Did you know that wet, decomposing leaves can attract mosquitoes? Even worse, it’s an attractive breeding ground. Yuck! Don’t let those leaves sit. Give us a call for a leaf clean-up today!

In Texas, the summer months are brutally hot. As they come to an end, most Texans, for a brief second, sigh with relief. After all, they autumn is near! As fall comes in to full season, so do fallen leaves – and those leaves don’t pick themselves up. Somehow leaves find a way to keep piling and piling! Raking leaves can create sore backs and blistered hands; an unnecessary chore to most property owners that already work full-time jobs. Aside from the back-breaking chore effects of raking leaves, they have a terrible effect on the health of your lawn if left uncollected for too long.