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Why you need a professional lawn care team who’s on your side!

Doesn’t everyone wish for a well maintained lawn to enhance the comfort and beauty of their home? The lawn is your first impression as you pull in the driveway after a long day at work, or after arriving home from a long vacation. The lawn is the face of your home, and it should always greet you with pride. A healthy, green lawn adds life to the facade of any home, however; it will not appear that way all on its own. A well-maintained lawn has demands, like weekly lawn mowing for example, or monthly shrub trimming and bed weeding.

How much time and effort must you exert to obtain a beautiful, lush landscape? The demands may far outweigh your ability or time constraints. As any Carrollton lawn service professional will tell you, your lawn needs to have the right type of grass, at the right length. A fitting lawn fertilization program, as well as steady lawn mowing service, simply brings out the stunning beauty hiding under an overgrown or overheated lawn.

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We know how to make your lawn look its best and we always strive to keep our prices affordable. If your goal is to transform your landscape into a pleasant sanctuary of greenery, while continuing professional maintenance throughout the growing season, look no further! A knowledgeable Carrollton, TX lawn maintenance specialist will ensure that your lawn remains at its best condition all year round. Our lawn mowing and lawn care services are based on high customer satisfaction over the decades of experience in maintaining thousands of local lawns.

Our standards are incredibly high and our idea of quality lawn care is insurmountable. Our Carrollton lawn care service is the best option for someone looking for ongoing weed control methods that are both safe and harmless to the environment. There are many other factors that make it essential to seek for the services of a Carrollton lawn care expert.

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Like every living thing, your lawn needs to be well fed for a plush, thick growth. A fertilization and weed control program is especially important in the spring just as regular watering is important during the summer months. This is another reason why you may need the assistance of a lawn care expert in Carrollton, TX. Maintaining a great looking lawn is not just about mowing on a regular schedule. Without feeding it with the right nutrients, especially in erratic Texas weather, a lawns growth may be patchy and weeds may become dominate. A professional Carrollton lawn care specialist will know the best fertilizer and exactly when to fertilize the lawn in order to promote a healthy growth of grass. While fertilizing the lawn, our professionals will also spot treat the lawn for overzealous weeds that come up with a pet-friendly and child-safe chemical treatment. We intend to keep the pesky weeds away, and allow the lush and healthy lawn stand out as it should.

You can rely on our lawn care specialist to handle and apply insecticides or fungicides safely in order to avoid harming the environment, your children, and pets. Always consult a professional Carrollton lawn care specialist when you are not sure of what fungicide or insecticide to use and always apply according to label instructions.

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We are a professional lawn service company specializing in all forms of lawn maintenance, including edging, cleanup, trimming, and mowing among others. We use the best equipment in the industry and we purchase brand new, industrial, mulching lawn mowers on an annual basis. To keep our lawn care service equipment in tip-top shape, and to provide optimal results for your lawn, we sharpen our blades weekly. We utilize high quality line trimmers (weed eaters) to trim around all trees, posts, fences, etc., and steel blade edger and trimmers to edge around sidewalks, driveways, and patios. To complete a lawn mowing service, our crews will clean up all the trimmings off hard services to leave your lawn in the best, most presentable condition.

Our clients start with a bi-weekly schedule in the month of March before they are switched to a weekly mowing rotation, usually spanning from April to October. We then resume our Carrollton bi-weekly mowing schedule in November all the way to Thanksgiving. There is usually very little lawn mowing needed from Thanksgiving through February; but nevertheless, we maintain lawn maintenance crews to service Carrollton, TX just in case you may need any additional mowing during winter. We are here to give you the best lawn service all year round.

As a leading lawn mowing Carrollton, TX firm, Thompson Landscape also specializes in landscape maintenance services. These include: shrub trimming, flower bed weeding, leaf removal, mulch installation, shrub fertilization, crape myrtle trimming, and an ongoing lawn fertilization and weed control program. When it comes to lawn care, our Carrollton residents can attest to our efficiency and professionalism.

There is a good number of lawn mowing firms in Carrollton, TX, but Thompson Landscape has stood the test of time in providing excellent and reliable lawn mowing services to our satisfied residents.

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We have employed the same landscaping crews for many years. We work hard to keep them happy, and it shows because they give their very best our customers. Our steady office staff has been with us for years, as well. Not only do we provide friendly and efficient customer service, we treat our employees with the utmost respect. We prefer to think of them as our partners in the care of your lawn.

As a leading Carrollton lawn service, we strive to ensure that you receive the best service, superior to any other local lawn care provider. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, we take pride in an efficient customer support staff ready to address any queries or concerns you may have via phone or email in a friendly and timely manner. You can count on the expertise of our crew leaders and staff. Most of them have been working with us and providing excellent service to our clients for more than 10 years. We guarantee the best lawn service Carrollton, TX residents can attest to. Our goal is to provide the best lawn care, which allows residents to take comfort in their freed up schedule and pride in the look of their lawn. Check out our very affordable Carrollton, TX mowing rate at our site.

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